MikTeX Portable and Lifecon package


  • Anonymous

    There is a style called Lifecon that is not included in the normal CTAN
    repositories for some reason. As such, MiKTeX does not have it listed in it's
    package manager. This means a manual install. Ugh.

    I've scoured Google and these forums and followed the advice I've seen. I have
    created a file path on my USB stick called Local/tex/latex/lifecon and put the
    lifecon.sty file in it. I have then gone into MiKTeX options and registred
    that path as a root. I then updated the file name database. From there, I re-
    opened the package manager. Nothing, not a sign of lifecon. I even tried
    running mpm --install from the command line. Says it doesn't know or can't
    find the package.

    Anyway, I'm greatly frustrated. I'm sure this would all work if I wasn't
    trying to work off of a USB stick, but as I have to use this at work, USB is
    my only route.

    Thanks for your help.