Update wizard fails

  • Exactly the same problem......

    "`Updated' Update Wizard on 9/6 from version 2.4.1702. Subsequent attempts to start the Update Wizard fail. MS error report says:
    AppName: update.tmp AppVer: 2.4.1704.0 ModName: update.tmp
    ModVer: 2.4.1704.0 Offset: 00062e73"

  • I have the same problem, if I use the shortcut on the start menu. The update wizard fails immediately. However, it works fine if I spawn it from the Package Manager or if I copy the command and run it from a command prompt window.

    On the mailing list, it was said that requiring the shortcut to use Windows 98 compatibility mode also works.

  • Ah, thanks, setting the compatibility mode does indeed work.

  • How can I change the compatibility of shortcut?

  • Right-click shortcut, choose Properties and then Compatibility.