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MiKTeX cannot locate source file

James Hart
  • James Hart
    James Hart

    I just installed MiKTeX. After typing and saving a plain tex document in
    WinEdt and selecting "TeX", the MiKTeX compiler tells me it cannot find the
    source file. In particular, it tells me

    Error launching console application TeX
    Command Line C:\Local\TeX\TeX --- src "test1.tex"
    Startup Folder C:\Local\TeX
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    This is strange because the tex file is not located in the C:\Local\TeX
    folder. It is saved in the MiKTeX2.8 default folder. I have the same problem
    with any saved .tex file. If I attempt to "TeXify" a LaTeX file, I get the
    same error; however, if I access the Command Prompt and type in the correct
    path to the latex document, MiKTeX will compile just fine --- until it reaches
    any input file, whereupon I get the same error.

    What have I done wrong?

  • U_Fischer

    Don't save your documents (tex files) in the miktex folder or another texmf
    tree. That's the wrong place for documents. Use the standard document folder
    of miktex or create your own document folder outside the miktex installation.
    When you are using the command prompt make sure that you first switch to the
    folder of your document.

    Ulrike Fischer

  • U_Fischer

    "Use the standard document folder of miktex"

    I meant the standard document folder of windows.

    Ulrike Fischer