#2317 Unable to change repository


Today I wanted to install some new packages in the Package Manager. I got an error message saying:
"MiKTeX Problem Report
Message: HTTP Error
Data: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"
I checked and found out, that the repository I used is indeed offline. I then tried to change the repository. After selecting "Packages shall be installed from the Internet" and clicking "next", the same error message appears and the list of available repositories is not loaded. So basically, I cannot change the repository because the repository I used is not online, which is actually the most important reason for changing the repository. I believe one can call this a bug. A fix (or workaround) would be appreciated as I don't want to reinstall MiKTeX completely.


  • I'm having trouble understanding what you did (click). So please attach screenshots of the wizard pages.

    • assigned_to: Christian Schenk
  • Goalgetter

    The problem does not only occur in the package manager but also in the MiKTeX settings when trying to change the repository. Here are four screenshots showing the problem. In the end, no list of available repositories will be loaded making it impossible to change the repository.

    • status: open --> unreproducible
  • I was not able to reproduce the bug.