#2204 User-intended file incorrectly compressed into ut-thesis-src.tar.bz2

Ari Brodsky

The ut-thesis package contains a README file which explicitly references the ut-thesis.tex tepmlate file for more instructions and sample usage. However, in the MiKTeX version of the package, the template file ut-thesis.tex is nowhere to be found other than compressed inside texmf\source\ut-thesis-src.tar.bz2, and there is no instruction directing the user to look there. I understand that the -src.tar.bz2 files are meant to contain source code for the installed packages, which is generally not needed by the package user. But in this case it seems like it was a mistake to include ut-thesis.tex there rather than installing it in texmf\tex\latex\ut-thesis. How is this determination made? Can this be fixed?


    • assigned_to: Christian Schenk
  • Thank you! I have moved ut-thesis.tex to the doc directory.

    • status: open --> fixed