#204 yap: images cannot be scaled

Yap (316)

Consider the following file:


test.bb is generated by "ebb test.png"
When I omit {.bb} in the \DeclareGraphicsRule and add
explicitly width and height in the \includegraphics
command, the figure is shown with the correct

When I use {.bb} as in the example above, the bounding
box information seems to be read correctly by LaTeX,
but misunderstood by yap since the figure is shown at
its original size.

When I use pdflatex however (omitting the
\DeclareGraphicsRule line), the corresponding pdf file
shows the figure width a height of 5 cm as it should.

Another problem related to yap: when it should display
a png file (as in this example), it starts an external
progam (as mentioned in the config file). But it also
asks me to put a disk in drive B: ...??? I just wait
till the box disappears, and after a few seconds, the
png file is shown...