#1245 mkfntmap: wrong phvbo8rn font name for URWsubstitutes

MkFntMap (3)

BUG REPORT -----------------
This is a bug in the updmap utility. When using URW or
URWkb options under LW35, the corresponding maps
are incorrect (the varios psfonts.map download35.map,
dvipdfm.map,etc.). This impedes yap finding the font
(and gsview even hang)


The entry for font phvbo8rn (the adobe Helvetica-Narrow-
BoldOblique) under the URW substitutes is incorrect.

Now it reads:
phvbo8rn NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-
BoldOblique "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"
<8r.enc <uhvbo8ac.pfb (or <n019064l.pfb depending of
the choice)

It should read:
phvbo8rn NimbusSanL-
BoldCondItal "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"

I guess this problem is inherited from the past since it.
also shows up in the lw35extra-urw-urw.map
ALTHOUGH NOT in lw35extra-urw-kb.map which are
under the obsolete folder.
My guess is that this problem also happens in the tetex
distribution (at least this incorrect entre appears in the
files dvipdfm35.map, pdftex35.map and ps2pk35.map)

FEATURE REQUEST -----------------
In addition to that I think it would be a good idea to be
able to treat the adobe35 fonts in two groups (the 14
reader and the remaining 21, so one could have the
choice of ONLY downloading the latter). My suggestion
would to include be to add a "DvipsDownloadBase14"
that would mimic the procedure for pdftex and dvipdfm.

TYPO ------
The updmap.cfg file (## Version 2.4.1927) has an


Should Dvipdfm download the base 14 pdf fonts?

Since some configurations ....

Obviously the first line should be
"# dvipdfmDownloadBase14"