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Due to a lot of personal work Might development will be reduced and things will go slower. This doesn't mean I wont' code on it It'll just take a bit longer :)

Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-18

Stable release

Hold on to your heads.. We are going stable in less then one week! We have got new addons... command's and more so checkout the stable version soon! ;-)

Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-13

1.1p1 buggy & 1.1 stable

Yes it is happening and we are getting very close to the 1.1 stable release. We skipped the 1.0 because of the many changes in between 1.Op1 and the current of Might. In the 1.1p1 version downloadable on this site are to many bugs so use at own risc!

Greetings :)

Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-06

Might 1.0p1

New testing release.
fixed : crashes on linux
more use of the Cleanstring() function to clean strings from \r and \n


Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-04

Might 1.0p

This is the first real testrelease of Might. I know there are a lot of functions not yet implemented. And yes there will be probably some bugs if not crashes. But we want to get an idea what could be made better, or what could be removed. So have fun and play with it (again it is not complete!)

Greetings :-)

Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-04

Commands update and Might 1.0 stable

Starting tomorrow the entire commandlist and level's will be updated and modified for better use in Might. After that the first stable release of Might will see its light :)

Posted by Vink Joris 2003-08-01