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#1 URL commands don't seem to work

Bill Randolph

I have Middleman running on an internet gateway set up
with transparent proxying, so all the machines in my
house run through Middleman to get to the Internet. It
seems to be working well, except for URL commands.

I have some pretty strict filters set up for content,
and sometimes need to bypass middleman. I've found
that the bypass.. command only seems to work on the
server itself. On other workstations, it doesn't work.

According to the docs, I should use a command like this:


Where 'cerebro' is my server's name and 8080 is the
port Middleman is running on. The response I get is
"/bypass..www.google.com not found"

Any help will be most appreciated!!

You can reach me at billrandolph@austin.rr.com


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    I think the mman documentation is misleading. Most web
    browsers try to do a DNS lookup on the hostname before
    sending the request. This prevents you from adding URL
    commands to the hostname. However, url commands DO work.
    Try sending the command like this:

    wget --referer 'profiles..' http://ftp.au.debian.org

    Then look at the resulting "index.html" with your web
    browser. Does that help? The documentation really should
    be updated.