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We moved to ctuning.org

We just moved all further developments to: http://ctuning.org/wiki/index.php/CTools

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2009-03-27

MiDataSets and MiBench V1.3

I am happy to announce a new bug-fix release of MiDataSets and MiBench V1.3 based on the valuable feedback provided by Kenneth Hoste from Ghent University.

The following benchmarks and datasets have been updated:

consumer_lame; consumer_tiff2bw; consumer_tiffdither;
consumer_tiffmedian; office_ghostscript; office_rsynth
consumer_tiff_data; office_data

We hope that MiDataSets will enable research on realistic program optimization, run-time adaptation and benchmarking.

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2008-01-29

MiBench for MiDataSets V1.2

Here is another bug-fix release + update of the two benchmarks qsort and stringsearch. Thanks again to everyone who noticed some bugs ...

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2007-11-19

MiBench for MiDataSets V1.1

We would like to thank you all for your interest and valuable feedback, and are pleased to announce a bug-fix release for modified MiBench benchmark sources for MiDataSets V1. Any new benchmarks and datasets' contributions are welcome!

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2007-09-05

Office datasets recovered

I restored office datasets thanks to Kenneth Hoste who noticed the problem ...

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2007-05-29

MiDataSets V1 pre-release

We made a pre-release of the MiDataSets V1 for MiBench benchmark. Though we made an effort to include only copyright free inputs from the Internet, mistakes are possible. In such cases, please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2007-03-18

HiPEAC'07 MiDataSets publication

We presented our work "MiDataSets: Creating The Conditions For A More Realistic Evaluation of Iterative Optimization" at the HiPEAC'07 conference (http://www.hipeac.net/conference).

Posted by Grigori Fursin 2007-03-18