Writing Plugins

  • What is the easiest way to write plugins for MicroView?  I want to be able to test the plugins without having to load MicroView to see if it compiles which takes a long time and doesn't tell you where the error might be.  Thank you very much.

    • Jeremy Gill
      Jeremy Gill


        Sadly, there's no easy way to test plugins, except to load MicroView and test that all works.  If you're running MicroView directly from the cvs source, I'd suggest remove all the plugins except the ROI, and Options plugin - that will increase load speed a little. 


      Jeremy Gill

    • Hi,

      Just started to look at MicroView as a way of viewing our (non-medical) data volumes.
      Looks excellent!  Nice job folks!

      Any suggestions on how I could create a reader for a regularily-sampled 3D data volume?
      By luck (!) we already have a Python library for reading these files.

      I'm mostly looking for an example somewhere in the source tree that I could use as
      a template, and any other hooks in the package to make it recognize the new format
      (if needed).

      - Darren

  • Jeremy Gill
    Jeremy Gill

    There a collection of image reader and writer classes in vtkMultiIO - that's were I'd start looking for ways to add additional capacity to MicroView.