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Snapshot 20090127 Released

There is a new snapshot release available now. The changes are:
* Added the ability to print the absolute time with the
PatternFormatter. The %d is used for this purpose, to
be compatible with Log4j. The date format specifiers
are also available; ABSOLUTE, DATE, ISO8601.
* The ByteArrayOutputStream that is used for creating log data
in the RecordStoreAppender was closed, which is not
necessary. This has now been changed.
* Added some useful printouts for the RecordStoreAppender and
the RecordStoreLogViewer.

Microlog is a small logging library for Java ME (J2ME) like Log4j. It has support for logging to console, file, RecordStore, Canvas, Form, Bluetooth, a serial port (Bluetooth, IR, USB), Socket(incl SSL), UDP, Syslog, MMS, SMS, e-mail or to Amazon S3.

Microlog is licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 so it is possible to link and distribute commercial software with this library.

Posted by Johan Karlsson 2009-01-27