Microlog Featured on Mobile & Embedded Podcast #62

Microlog is a small logging library for Java ME (J2ME) like Log4j. It has support for logging to console, file, RecordStore, Canvas, Form, Bluetooth, a serial port (Bluetooth, IR, USB), Socket(incl SSL), UDP, Syslog, MMS, SMS, e-mail or to Amazon S3.

Microlog is licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 so it is possible to link and distribute commercial software with this library.

Part of the Microlog development team was interviewed by Terrence Barr, Senior Technologist at Sun Microsystems and Ambassador of the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. Please download the podcast and learn some useful stuff about Microlog.

The podcast is available at:

I hope that you enjoy it!

Posted by Johan Karlsson 2008-12-03