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Microlog 1.1.0 Snapshot Release

Microlog is a small logging library for Java ME (J2ME) like Log4j. It has support for logging to console, file, RecordStore, Canvas, Form, Bluetooth, a serial port (Bluetooth, IR, USB), Socket(incl SSL), UDP, Syslog, MMS, SMS, e-mail or to Amazon S3.

Microlog is licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 so it is possible to link and distribute commercial software with this library.

We have released the first snapshot on the new V1.1.0 branch.

Important updates:
* CLDC 1.0 compliant, except for the PatternFormatter class. Use the source code version to use Microlog with CLDC 1.0. The binary variant of Microlog is compiled with CLDC 1.1
* MIDP 1.0 compliant.
* Performance improvements.
* Microlog4SPOT code is now merged. It is now possible to use Microlog for Sun SPOT devices.
* The Microlog instrumentation tool is now available. This let you log things like the line number in your code.

Posted by Johan Karlsson 2008-10-30