Property values may contain variables

  • What I would like to suggest is the ability to define the following properties


    getProperty("loggname") returns hereby  "/var/log/app.log"

    This is a change in the  net.sf.microproperties.Properties and I have this tested and ready for submition, if it's approved.

  • The nobody was me :-)

  • Johan Karlsson
    Johan Karlsson

    That sounds like a good change. Either you send the code to me or even better, you add yourself as a developer to the Microlog. Then you could submit your changes yourself. Later on I will propagate these changes to the Microproperties project as well.

    In the future the Microproperties package will be imported during build time from the Microproperties project.

  • Thanks Johan, maybe it's best to add me as a developer. I have more changes to come. Somehow I would like my changes to be reviewed before they goes actualy into the code base. I am sure other can contribute with improvements.


  • Sorry to bother you, but where do I add my self as a developer. Do you have any description on how I can submit code then ?

  • Johan Karlsson
    Johan Karlsson

    You are added as a developer to the project now. Please be careful out there! :)

    I can review your code if you send it to me. Read the project documentation on how to access the Subversion repository.

    (All member administration is handled by a project admin as me.)

  • Johan Karlsson
    Johan Karlsson


    these changes are now commited in the subversion repository. It will be part of the upcoming Microlog V3.0 release.