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mIRC Web Server (MWS) / News: Recent posts

MotionWS successfully tested with PHP 4.3.2 and Perl 5.8.0

I have now completed testing the CGI gateway with PHP 4.3.2 and Perl 5.8.0. Both seems to be working with POST data, query strings, cookies (a small unresolved issue here), and binary output.

A CGI test beta will be available soon, any beta-testers willing to test it should send an email to oracel@start.no or post on the forum.

Posted by Andreas Ravnestad 2003-11-06

MotionWS now supports CGI

That's right, MotionWS now has support for CGI/1.1, which means that you can run PHP, Perl, Pythion or any other language that's CGI-enabled through MotionWS. More information on this will be available later.

Posted by Andreas Ravnestad 2003-11-04

New version: MotionWS_build_2.0_1066788797_BETA

A brand new version of MotionWS have been released. You can get this release from the files section.

Posted by Andreas Ravnestad 2003-10-24

This project is NOT dead.

Hey! Yes.. there was no release after xmas.. we know. :(

But I'm happy to say that thanks to the recent release of mirc 6.1, we have been able to fix some major issues in the webserver, and we are likely to release a nifty new version sometime in the next months.

Oh, you'd be glad to know that MWS2 will be a lot more stable and work faster than the old version. ;)

Posted by Alan F. 2003-09-13

MotionWS released!!


MotionWS has finally been released, and it's working perfectly, for our ostrich Ralph is dancing right now. =)

Oh, and http://mhttpd.sourceforge.net/
is done too. Though some things are still under construction, but they should be dealed-with soon.

Posted by Alan F. 2002-10-06