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mht to htm / News: Recent posts RC (31.jun.2008.)

Win32, Linux (GTK and GTK2), source
Compiled with Lazarus 0.9.24 and Free Pascal 2.2.0 for Win32
Compiled with Lazarus 0.9.24 and Free Pascal 2.2.0 for GNU/Linux
All executables are compressed with UPX 3.03 <>

Shifted from BETA to RC
Added better support for .eml (mail: IE, Thunderbird,...), .msg (SOHO mail server) .nws (news) files.
(Lazarus mailing list used as source of thousands mails from different mail clients. Find about this mailing list at
Tested with lot of OpenSource CMSs, blogs, forums, galleries, wikies... (Thanks to for collecting them on one place)
Further improvement of file types recognition.
Smaller executables (credits to FPC and UPX).
25% faster then v1.6.0.3
Three info files mht2htm is making for each mht are now named: _0_start_me.htm, _1_info.nfo and _2_debug.nfo. Attempt to make them first in directory in any OS.
Start file now showing (if selected) much more informations about .mht files and theit parts.

Posted by bajaatan 2008-07-29 BETA (04.oct.2007)

License changed from GNU GPLv2 to GNU GPLv3.
Most of functions are rewritten.
Changed about 60, maybe 80% of code.
10% faster then v1.5.0.10 (tested on sample of 187 mht files saved with IE, ~23.7MB).
Now work with .mht files saved with:
-EZ save MHT
-html2mhtml (open source MHT creator)
-SavePage (command line)
-email .eml files, it was not designed to work with but as this files have similar structure as .mht file mht2htm can, more or less successful, to extract mail parts and show them in any browser. Tested MS OutlookExpress and SeaMonkey mail clients.
Tested with same of most used CMSs, blogs, forums and popular sites.
{I'm still looking for .mht files (examples I can examine) saved with Safari and Konqueror.}
{No new languages - no one wanted to help :( }
Main function is now recursive.

Posted by bajaatan 2007-10-06 [BETA] (06.apr.2007)

Win32, Linux (GTK and GTK2), source
Compiled with Lazarus 9.20 and Free Pascal 2.0.4 for Win32
Compiled with Lazarus 9.22 and Free Pascal 2.0.4 for Linux

Improved recognition of file types (4 unrecognized files out of about 34000)
Added multilingual mechanism
Serbian translation
Fixed some minor bugs with form resizing
Arrays of strings replaced with lists of strings
Added (fixed) reading addresses in more then one line
Added (fixed) conversion when there is only one file in mht
Fixed bug with locked mht files until program exits (um... someone didn't close files)
Added comments for status bar.
File size in bytes instead of kilobytes.
Fixed estimated time after program is stopped/paused.
Better help.

Posted by bajaatan 2007-04-05

First released version

This version is marked as
I started from 1.5 because there were Delphi version up to v1.0 (never released).
Program is working fine.
For now on Win32 and Linux (using GTK or GTK2), but as written in Lazarus it can be compiled on almost any OS.

Posted by bajaatan 2007-04-01