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0.2.1 beta

This is the first beta version.

Posted by Terry T 2006-12-11

0.2.1 alpha released

mfx2 0.2.1 alpha is came with some bug fix on plugin system and a new plugin for presentation section.

New plugin is data binding plugin. This plugin provides so-called watching method to object class.
ActionScript already has method, however this method can execute only one function. The new data binding plugin can watch multi functions. This means a property of object can bind many functions. ... read more

Posted by Terry T 2006-12-03

0.2 alpha

0.2 alpha released

Posted by Terry T 2006-11-27

0.1 Alpha

0.1 Alpha has been released. Source and class document are available. All section can work excetp UI Logger section.

Posted by Terry T 2006-11-23