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Split album file

If you want split one album audio file into track files having CUE file and optionally re-encode them, MFM is ideal solution.
Just use CUE splitter dialog from mai windows context menu.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2013-07-16 Labels: updates new feature

MFM and plugins

By implementing IConversionTool you can extend MFM with any command line conversion tool. Details I'll post later.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2013-06-05

MFM is alive

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2013-05-26 Labels: update changes

Newest release

Moved to .NET 3.5.

Hottest feature: One-click album cover image download (for many files at once).

Mono version coming soon.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2011-01-26

MFM development

The project is still alive.
Topics in development:
~ Regex pattern matching
~ One-click conversion profile
~ Album art art and metadata from and Amazon

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2011-01-23

H.264 and MPEG4 video for iPod available

Latest release contains improved support of H.264 and MPEG4 video for iPod. As audio codec can be used ffmpeg's experimental aac, libfaac or external NeroAac encoder. See Hosted Apps -> Trac for more info.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2010-09-10

MP4 boxing for iPod video conversion

Conversion option for iPod includes MP4 boxing to be recognized as valid container in iTunes. The audio track needs to be encoded in AAC format. More about this isssue will be posted on wiki:

I'm totally exhausted. I need to rest.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2010-09-08

iPod video conversion works!

After long struggle, I've won a battle with ffmpeg which has been refusing to convert video under Win.

iPod option is usable but be careful with selecting video size and aspect ratio.

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2010-09-07

Mono releases started

Mono release committing started. They work, but WinForms are hardly usable (ver. 2.4).

Posted by Lukas Molnar 2010-09-05