• Anonymous

    Dear  demidov71,
    Im having some problem with the wmf codec.

    I downloaded it because of the advertised windows shell tag support for flac but it does not work, i can play flac, but cannot add to library or recognize tags, not in WMP or in explorer

    My specs are:
    Windows 7 Ultimate N x64 (legitimate)
    I am currently running the media features pack
    I am on a clean install (reformat) right now

  • Cyber Sinh
    Cyber Sinh

    I confirm that FLAC tags are not supported in Windows/WMP with this filter.

  • Tim De Baets
    Tim De Baets

    To the original poster: are you the same person as the one who already asked for help in Shark007's forum? (

    For FLAC tag support in WMP, you will need the WMP Tag Plus plug-in. After installing the plug-in, existing FLAC files in your library need to be re-added for their tags to appear.

    Regarding FLAC tag support in Explorer, this Media Foundation codec indeed doesn't add that, neither on 32-bit nor 64-bit (I only tested with Windows 7). The only extra info that I could see in Properties - Details was the length of the FLAC files.

  • Would you mind to add those other infos to the Properties-tab and/or the status-pane on Windows 7 x64 like Windows 7 does for MP3 files?

  • Alexander

    As a matter of a fact, I do, because those tags are irrelevant to the music content itself. I display, though, frequency rate, number of channels and duration - an important information, that tells you about the quality/quantity of the media.

  • I'm sad to read this. Though, if you don't care about users' wishes and only implement what you need for yourself, than, I guess, it's how it has to be.

  • Tim De Baets
    Tim De Baets

    For full FLAC tag support in Explorer, you can either install dBpowerAmp, or the FLAC Property Handler (not actively developed anymore but can still be downloaded from file sharing websites like MediaFire).

  • dBpowerAmp: no option for me.
    FLAC Property Handler: gone - no option for me.

    However, I've found

    I'll see, if I got the knowledge and manpower to update that stuff in a kind of a "fork" - only if something's not working or doesn't offer the full potential of FLAC's tagging-capabilities.. ;)

  • Tim De Baets
    Tim De Baets

    Just out of curiosity, why isn't dBpowerAmp an option? Also, the FLAC Property Handler isn't really gone as it can still be downloaded, like I mentioned in my previous post.

    I know of the Taglib Property Handler too, but it's severely limited because it doesn't offer write support.

  • Pretty simple:
    - dBpowerAmp: closed-source. I'm not using an OSS-codec just to read its stuff via proprietary software..
    - FLAC Property Handler might work, but AFAIK Taglib Property Handler offers more tags
    - I didn't notice that limitation.. However, I write them once and then only reading is important to me.
    Though, as stated earlier, I might modify the code in order to enable writing. Depends on time and importance..


  • Anonymous

    Hi, is there any further development to add this functionality?  it seems with Windows 8 they have deprecated Direct Show to allow that on desktop only, so if people want support for FLAC in Metro they need to use a Media Foundation Transforms

    any thoughts?

  • Tim De Baets
    Tim De Baets

    Which functionality do you mean? MFFLAC *is* a Media Foundation FLAC codec, so it should also work to add FLAC playback support on Windows 8.