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Mevenide now hosted at The Codehaus

Mevenide is now hosted at The Codehaus. you can find new website here :

Posted by gilles dodinet 2004-05-02

Dion Gillard added as project manager

I added Dion as the project manager, since I crashed (this time not my computer) a bit and am taking a little time to find peace of mind again.
When I have the energy or spirit I will definitely invest time here.
Sorry about about the lack of information and response in the last couple of months!

Posted by Martin van den Bemt 2002-09-10

New Maven IDE integration project.

I currently started IDE integration of maven into eclipse. The source are still in my private cvstree and will be moved soon, when the licenses are updated. I am a beginner in programming for eclipse and maven, so if you are intersted please join!
Netbeans module will be started (unless volunteers found now) after the eclipse one gets shaped.

Hope everyone likes the initiative and some experienced plugin/module writers want to assist me..

Posted by Martin van den Bemt 2002-05-24