MEV v4.8- no annotations

Joel Ma
  • Joel Ma
    Joel Ma


    I recently installed Tmev v4.8 on Win7. My first issue is- when i click on the Mev.exe file, a black window appears and disappears. I checked the FAQ and updated my Java, deleted all the installed Tmev, downloaded and extracted a new copy of v4.8, but the same thing happened. Strangely, if I double-clicked on the Tmev.bat file, the software will open as per normal. Was the mev.exe the correct file to open?

    After opening the Tmev.bat, here's where I encountered my second issue. When I loaded my CEL files, chose the species and the correct annotation file, no annotations appear on the generated heatmap. Only the probesets id were there. I found it strange because I did not have that problem in Nov 2011.

    Can someone advise me? My system is windows 7, has Java 6 update 31, and had no problems with Tmev between Sep-Nov 2011 (until my PC crashed and I had to re-install everything).


  • Caroline

    I am having the same problem with the latest version, there are no gene annotations.  Can anyone advise me on how to solve this?