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SAM tool downgrade in the v 4.8.1?

  • Hi,

    I used MeV version 4.7.4 where I analyzed microarray data using SAM ver 2.0 already some time ago. I had to reanalyze the data but I used new version of MeV (4.8.1)- when I checked the SAM results I saw that the version of the SAM is 1.0. Is there any information on why the 2.0 version was replaced with 1.0 ?  I tried to find it in the release notes, but could not find it .
    Also there is no information about 4.7.4 MeV version in the release notes (http://www.tm4.org/mev/features/releases).

    I'm asking because I get some discrepancies even when running the old data with old annotation files that I used when analyzing my data with 4.7.4 on the new MeV version. (I cannot replicate the results I obtained previously).

    Any comments on this matter?
    Please ? :)
    Thank you!