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MetaVNC 0.6.6 released

- NewFBSize has been supported. The server should work on Xserver which changes screen resolution dynamically, such as Ubuntu desktop, etc.
- The window monitor RPM (metavnc-wmon) has been split from metavnc-server package. As a result, compat-libwnck is no longer needed.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2007-11-02

MetaVNC 0.6.5 released

* portability of source code for unix-like system is improved
* change X server base to X11R6.9.0
* merge updates of tightvnc 1.3.9
* bug fixes

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2007-09-15

MetaVNC 0.6.0 released

The win32 viewer finally implements the meta window manager (but style menu is not supported yet)

Changes from the version 0.5.7

- protocol enhancement to realize Microsoft-Windows-like task switch behavior
rfbWindowControlMsg ... add new control rfbWindowControlSetFocus
rfbWindowStateMsg ... add new state rfbWindowStateFocused

- support rfbWindowControlSetFocus and rfbWindowStateFocused
- add debug messages
- switch libiconv to Win32 unicode APIs (WideCharToMultiByte, etc.)
- bug fix : dead lock in updating launcher
- use sendQueued instead of sendExact in vncClient::SendTransRect... read more

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2007-02-04

MetaVNC win32 0.5.7 released

MetaVNC win32 version 0.5.7

Changes from the version 0.5.6

- change the code base from tightvnc 1.3dev6 to tightvnc 1.3.8

- change the code base from tightvnc 1.3dev6 to tightvnc 1.3.8

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2006-09-17

MetaVNC win32 0.5.6 released

Changes from the version 0.5.5

- add support for console windows
- add new option to enable/disable the Meta Window Manager
- bug fix of vnclauncher
- improve accuracy to detect changes of window visibility

- no changes

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2006-07-30

MetaVNC win32 0.5.5 released

- redesign vnclauncher (to fix bug id #1395073)
- change the code base from tightvnc 1.3dev7 to tightvnc 1.3dev6
(to avoid bug #1446641)

- change the code base from tightvnc 1.3dev7 to tightvnc 1.3dev6

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2006-06-03

MetaVNC 0.5.1 released

Java viewer:
- rewrite options menu
- add icons and a menu item for X desktop

LINUX SERVER (windowmonitor):
- icon: add default.kde and hicolor to icon search path
- launcher: search sub directories of the "applications" directory

- add icons and a menu item for X desktop

WIN32 SERVER (Meta-Window-Manager):
- support WindowsXP style icons (id #1395075)

- bug fix of id #1395077 and #1399522 (by suppressing false mouse events)

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2006-01-14

MetaVNC 0.5.0 released

The Meta-Window-Manager is greatly enhanced on this release.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-12-31

MetaVNC 0.4.1 released (win32)

Changes from the version 0.4.0

- merge updates of TightVNC from the version 1.3dev6 to the version 1.3dev7

- merge updates of TightVNC from the version 1.3dev6 to the version 1.3dev7
- change the way to check all the mouse button up
- make dragging desktop option

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-09-10

Fedora Core 4

metavnc-server RPM cannot be installed on Fedora Core 4 because of the mismatch of libwnck.
To solve this, install the compat-libwnck package.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-07-02

MetaVNC 0.4.0 released (win32)

MetaVNC win32 server version 0.4.x is not UltraVNC based any more.

Please replace the mirror driver from the UltraVNC's to the TightVNC's
to upgrade the MetaVNC win32 server from version 0.3.x.

Changes from the version 0.3.5

- change the code base from the UltraVNC to the TightVNC 1.3dev6.
- as a consequence, TightVNC features such as file transferring are supported
- fix problem that some visible window does not get opaque... read more

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-06-04

MetaVNC 0.3.6 released (bug fix for linux version server)

Bug fix: memory-leak in Xvnc was fixed

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-05-20

MetaVNC 0.3.5 released (java and win32)

The java version viewer can handle remote desktops of the win32 version server.
The win32 server disabled Zlib encoder which is incompatible with non-ultra viewers.
The win32 viewer will not request encodings which are not supported by servers (protocol 3.7t only)

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-02-27

MetaVNC 0.3.4 released (unix version only)

Linux version viewer is newly added.
Linux version server is updated.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-02-11

MetaVNC 0.3.3 released (win32 viewer only)

bug fix of a problem on entering ')' and '\' with US keyboard
(uncommented out part of the Kanji-Key patch from UnderDone)

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-01-10

MetaVNC 0.3.2 released (win32 viewer only)

- apply Kanji-Key correspondence Patch Ver.3.00 from
- support dragging the screen in full screen and transrect mode
- put the icon in the tray during the full screen and transrect mode

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2005-01-05

MetaVNC 0.3.1 released (win32 server and viewer only)

The win32 server finally support the win32 viewer.
The window monitor has been redesigned and integrated with the update tracker.
New option is added to expose/hide the task bar.

support for the win32 server

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-11-27

MetaVNC 0.3.0 released (unix version only)


Bug fixes and improvements about clipboard handling
1. Vncserver itself does not handle cut text anymore, i.e. vncserver needs helper applications such as the window monitor or the RealVNC4's vncconfig.
2. The windowmonitor handles "Primary section" in addition to "Clipboard section".
3. Vncserver supports the RealVNC4's vncconfig partially (another option to support clipboard).

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-11-13

RPM for Fedora Core 2

RPM for the MetaVNC linux server has been rebuilt.

The description "Requiers: XFree86" has been removed from SPEC file.
Now metavnc-server-0.2.8-2.i386.rpm should work on both Red Hat 9 (XFree86 based) and Fedora Core 2 (Xorg based).

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-09-19

MetaVNC 0.2.9 released


- Bug fix about dragging windows -- need to keep capturing mouse while mouse buttons are pressed
- modify viewer's icons to distinguish with server's icons
- support compilation with VC++6.0

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-08-29

MetaVNC 0.2.8 released

- support full screen mode when the size of the remote desktop does not match the size of the local desktop
- fix key repeat problem on KDE 3.1 and Windows servers
(key did not repeat on the above environments)
- merge updates of TightVNC from the version 1.3dev4 to the version 1.3dev5
- disable IME

Just modify copyright notices, etc.
No need to update from 0.2.7

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-08-25

MetaVNC 0.2.7 released (updated on Aug. 18)

This release includes the win32 version server, viewer, and the linux version server.

Note: linux version has been added later (Aug. 18)

Connecting the win32 server from the win32 viewer is not supported yet.
Use with the following combinations;
- win32 viewer + linux server
- Java viewer + win32 server

* Highlights
Win32 viewer: We recommend using the full screen mode. The VNC layer does not to stick to the topmost window in the full screen mode.
Win32 server: updated after a long interval.
Linux server: two bugs are fixed.... read more

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-08-12

MetaVNC 0.2.6 released

NOTE: this release does not include the win32 server

- add new protocol "KeyFocus"
This protocol enhancement allows clients to control key focus.
User can easily recognize where the current key focus is.
- modify key handling not to get garbled with Japanese keyboard (win32 viewer)
- update window shape more often (win32 viewer)
- remove resize limit -- allow larger window size than screen size (win32 viewer)
- remove "stick to background screen" feature (java viewer)
This feature was originally implemented to realize "desktop server" but turned out to be not useful.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-08-01

MetaVNC 0.2.5 released

Support non-US keyboard
- xf4vnc did not support non-US keyboard correctly
- I did not notice this problem because I use US keyboard mainly.
- tested on Japanese 106 keyboard

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-06-21

MetaVNC 0.2.4 released

The Win32 version of MetaVNC viewer is added.
Now, Linux remote desktop and Windows local desktop can be used almost seamlessly!

Currently, only the Linux version server is supported.

This release is just an initial step of MetaVNC viewer plan; future version will suppot Meta-window manager features.

Posted by UCHINO Satoshi 2004-05-21