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Load Error when 'texexec --mptex' is run.

  • Jackie Wang
    Jackie Wang

    Dear Sir,

    I've followed what you wrote on the installations-how-to's, but once I start running line like:

    mptopdf sample.mp

    It gave me the following error:

         MPtoPDF 1.3.2 : running 'texexec --mptex '

         C:\texmf\scripts\context\ruby\texexec.rb:7: in 'require': no such file to load -- base/switch (LoadError)

         MPtoPDF 1.3.2 : error while processing mp file

    But I checked the directory structure, in the same directory where texexec.rb exists, there's indeed a directory called 'base', and it does contain a file called 'switch'.

    I'd appreciate any help.