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hooray, this project is funded!

claim money for code contributions!
I've just received 2000 trilions of zimbabwe dollars. (20 pieces of 100 trilion dollars banknotes, err special agro cheques). when all of those will be given away, nigerian pounds and zambia kwacha are next in the reward. also some north korea, laos, china and old czechoslovakia banknotes are ready.

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-09-28

zero compile errors

but a lot of stuff commented out. the real work starts here. i tried to execute the compile target, it crashes (as expected :|). the next steps are slowly fixing the stuff i left unchanged during the initial effort.

thank you for the hints on gdb and netbeans setup.

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-09-28

9 days off

hi everyone, i'm busy training for a live music performance (electronic keyboard and organ) so i will come back to coding after the 2 shows in less than two weeks. the list of compile errors is now shorter and i expect samadhi to compile and be executable in less than 20 commits. no release is planned anyway so that the project can be deleted without preservation and merge with the samadhi bot original project. and no, i will not upload the recording of the live act :)

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-09-24

week 39 news

good news everyone! i read the code and it makes sense!
did not try to compile it yet, check again in 2 weeks or so.
the other good news is about the progress made in reviewing the original code.

Posted by ptmhd 2009-09-21

week 12 news

- failed to setup dev environment on my mac (ppc iBook, os Tiger).
- planning to dualboot the iBook with ubuntu, that just works ...

in the meantime, i installed xubuntu on my old desktop pc and i try it this way.

the porting did not start at all yet. the good news is, that all dependencies seems to be fixed by now

Posted by ptmhd 2009-03-21

week 10 progress

virtually none. i'm reading the code, getting familiar with compiler error msgs again (after a 4 years break), getting familiar is a good description of the current status. i tend to copy/paste much code from the silc client to cope with changes in the silc api and to make it work with toolkit. my approach can be best described with as to a task in university, with a soft deadline. means party now, code later. i scribble a lot paper notes, draw arrows between the notes and search the sources for strings that i follow through the files. i get familiar with the concept of the bot framework and study how it already worked. sorry for the unusually long post, next update again in two weeks or so.

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-03-04

help with swig installation wanted

the subject is selfexplanatory

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-02-25

are we there yet?

it compiles, can be executed, joins a channel and keeps silent there. no interaction between bots yet

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-02-25

loaders broken forever

until swig is fixed (what i can not do right now) the loaders section is omitted from project

Posted by ptmhd23 2009-02-25


project awaking. check back mid 2009

Posted by ptmhd 2008-11-29