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Metamod-P 1.19p31 crash on WinServ

  • Hello there,

    my windows crash with the new version all ~ 10h all days.
    I change back to 1.19.p28 and no problems more.

    Can anywhere fix the bug?

    My web page news:
    << we have carried out some test and, unfortunately, had to find out that Metamod-P is not so stable any more in the new version.

    Unfortunately we have gone back to using the old version furthermore to be of use. >>

    • We need a good version. We want to be no beta testers.

      Current is 1.19p28 on server with no crashs.

      • p30 is good version, it's p28 with the security hole fixed.

      • There is something wrong in your servers. Not in mm-p.

        You say p31 crashes ~ 10h, I have p31 running on win32 and linux 300h straight.
        You give no details on crash. No windows version, no mod, no nothing.

        I did get one idea from your posts and that is you're game server host. You get money from your business and then come here complain and except me to come up with some miracle fix for free. To tell the truth, I rather see you running that insecure p28 than coming up ideas for fix for you.

    • You can get what you want. ^^

      Here your infos :p

      - Windows 2000 Server Version Service Pack 4 with all Windows Updates.
      - CPU 3.700 Mhz, 2 GB Ram, ~ 55°C mean temperature
      - Game: Half Life

      -> "details on crash": no error message -> crash -> no logs

    • I am so sorry. I will be only asking why the new version crash... My english is a little bit borken.

      • It might be the new optimizations in p31 or changes from metamod-org that were missing in metamod-p.

        If p30 doesn't work either, I really don't have any idea.

    • How does the debugging in metamod work? I checked the online documentation:

      #  debuglevel <number>

      where <number> is an integer, 0 and up.
      Sets the initial debugging level for metamod (same as cvar "meta_debug").
      Default is normally 0. If hlds is run with "-dev", default is 3.
      Overridden by: +localinfo mm_debug <number>
      debuglevel 0
      debuglevel 42
      mm_debug Specifies an initial meta_debug value.
      Also, a single cvar is available:

         meta_debug       - set debugging level

      Where is the documentation regarding the debugging levels and what each of them do?

      Is it possible to have all debugging messages redirected to a seperate logfile?

    • http://metamod-p.sourceforge.net/doc/html/trace.html
      Where can the TraceAPI plugin by downloaded from?

    • Interleaving500 writes...
      -> "details on crash": no error message -> crash -> no logs 

      Try using -debug when you start your Half-Life Dedicated Server:
      Add "-debug" to the ./hlds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem

    • Binaries for TraceAPI plugin and other example plugins:

      '-debug' only works on linux.