No remote logging

  • Joakim Jalakas
    Joakim Jalakas

    If you, like me, think about using Metalog for it being so much easier to configure than, say, syslog-ng, please be aware that it has NO REMOTE LOGGING capabilitys (or it has but it's impossible to find out how to turn them on). So if you think something along the lines of "cool, we could use this to separate the logs of all our web servers into different directorys on the loghost and having shellscripts executed based on strings in them", please just skip metalog and look for another package directly since Metalog won't allow remote logging... Also note that Metalog does not compress it's rotated logs and cannot be told not to rotate them (so that they can be rotated by something else).

  • Mike Frysinger
    Mike Frysinger

    there is a patch in the tracker to add remote logging

    there is support for postrotate_cmd where you can compress it however you want