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CVS Tree Started

Ok all, here it goes, after a little mistake and a fix of it, the metadot tree is now up on CVS, we are now looking for developers who would like to contribute addons to metadot through CVS. I will be uploading my personal addons this coming week including my WYSIWG editor, a security patch, and more. I look forward to seeing the project grow.

Posted by Nicholas Moline 2002-11-16

Metadot v4.0b Mirrored Here

As the Metadot Corporation has dropped the project, I have put up a copy of the Metadot v4.0b here for people who need to download it. Later tonight I will create the CVS tree and start uploading my changes. We are looking for people who are interested perl developers who would like to add to this project. If you use metadot and want to help in the continuation of this project, please let me know and I will be glad to add you to the project.

Posted by Nicholas Moline 2002-11-01