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Alpha 0.8

v0.8 Alpha : Fifth release (2009 july 24)
- Completed some Nikon tags and decorator
- Corrected an error with Exif User comment not showing properly
- Corrected an error with TagContainer counting (error due to masked type)
- Olympus should work at 90% (see new result file)
- Changed method getMessage in order to use ... instead of Object[]
- Corrected possible infinite loop for Canon Custom Function 2
- Replaced project URL (https -> http)
- Changed IPTC segment parser for better handling of tags
- IPTC Digits works better now (Urgency and Envelope priority)
- IPTC Added a decorator for Category (regarding specs)
- Changed all Parser behavior for better handling. Should prevent two bugs that popped up in Olympus parsing.
- Added a new file in release that will contained
- detailed camera list used for testing
- % of tag found, ok, ko
This mechanic should prevent regressions.
- Corrected casio2.previewimage declaration in spring
- Corrected issue with FacePositions in Fujifilm
- Classes used for test/generation have been moved to an other project

  1. Result file for Alpha 0.8 ... read more
Posted by Ferret Renaud 2009-07-24

Alpha 0.7

v0.7 Alpha : Fourth release (2009 June 28)
- Nikon should work at 65%.
- Removed a System.out.println in Canon (forgot it in previous release)
- Added better handling for rational with a zero denominator
- Coded the masked tag for Nikon (flash, lensdata, ...)
- Removed classes / interfaces XxxMakerTag and XxxOffsetTag in order to simplify code. Impacted Spring files.
- Removed the notion of group, this may come back later but was not used
- Removed the preview tag for now, may come back later
- Removed trace log in tag constructor since there is a Spring option for that
- Centralized all parsing / reading of type into one method (UtilsType.readValue). This corrected a bug in IndexedParser
- Added checks while parsing array values
- Added bench info for time and memory consumption
- Optimized memory usage for tag. Will only keep byte representation if needed.
- Moved name property and getDescription method into AbstractObject class.
- Changed type of bundle property for AbstractObject into HierarchicalMessageSource

Posted by Ferret Renaud 2009-06-28

Alpha 0.6

The Alpha 0.6 is out:
- Reorganized the Spring imports. Each directory now handle its own files.
- Began the Nikon directory (type1, 2 and '3'). Restriction for coded tag : will stay that way until I understand how to decode them. Nikon should work at 50%.
- Corrected a big bug in SignedShort
- Added easy constructors for rational
- Changed the MarkerRule behavior and added ByteRule
- Upgraded ExifSegment analyze for IParser length (will be more accurate and consume less memory)
- Changed the type definition for all Tags. Impact is heavy on Spring declaration, but make things more easy (declarations may change again with Spring 3.0)
- Updated Canon1D custom function parsing
- Changed the Run.class for better handling

Posted by Ferret Renaud 2009-06-17

Alpha 0.5

New alpha release v0.5:
- Recoded the Exif engine for more efficient reading
- Added exception every where
- OutPut (Txt/Exif) will no more show empty directory

  • Canon meta data
  • Changed a label for Custom 10D
  • Corrected an error in FileInfo parser
  • adjusted some parser for better speed
  • Will no more read twice a tag (idfX issue)
  • So X and Y Resolution should be more accurate for TIFF
  • GPS meta data
  • Better decoration of latitude / longitude
  • Removed coordinates and Timestamp Java type
  • Casio (type1 and 2) meta data should work at 95%
  • FujiFilm meta data should work at 90%
Posted by Ferret Renaud 2009-05-17

Alpha 0.4

First alpha release.

Posted by Ferret Renaud 2009-05-10