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Post Migration from XP to Windows 7

  • Hey there -

    My circumstances are slightly different than what was designed for, but I'm hoping there is a way to still use this tool -

    I migrated an XP machine to a Win 7 machine.  The XP machine is no longer operational.

    I slaved the XP's C drive and music hard drive on the new machine, so I can access everything, including CurrentDatabase_360 (370 meg!) from the XP machine.

    Is there any way that I can use your tool in this scenario to backup from the CurrentDatabase_360 file and then restore to a CurrentDatabase_372 file?  I tried moving the CurrentDatabase_372 out of the way and putting the CurrentDatabase_360 file in its place, then running your tool for a backup, but it appears that it must be looking for CurrentDatabase_372 by detecting my version of WMP or Windows.

    Any ideas of how to work around this?


  • Tim De Baets
    Tim De Baets

    For backing up the media library, Metadata Backup doesn't directly access the library database file (CurrentDatabase_xxx.wmdb). This wouldn't be possible anyway since the format of that file is unknown. Instead, Metadata Backup gets all the library information through WMP, which means that it can only back up a library if that library is loaded into WMP.

    Hence I'm afraid that your only option is to copy the CurrentDatabase_360 file to another (possibly virtual) machine that runs XP and to back up the library there.

  • Thanks for the explanation.  Fortunately it turned out not to be a problem because apparently all of the rating info was stored in the individual music files, with perhaps only some exceptions.  So, not such a big deal after all.