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#3 Notes


I'd like to suggest to add a "notes" feature to metabar,
maybe using sqlite for storing the URL of the item, plus
the note text behind it, if any. IMHO it would be a great
addition to Metabar (and Konqueror in general).

However, good work...


  • FlorianJRoth

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    Adding notes to some file is a good idea in general but I
    don't think metabar is the right place for this. I think
    implementing this directly into konqueror would make more
    sense as the notes would be available all over kde and not
    only in konqueror with opened metabar

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I see the argument, but on the other hand, if the ability of
    adding notes to a file is at least in Metabar (maybe as an
    option), it is better than if it is not even in Metabar. And if KDE
    in the future provides a framework for notes, you can still
    decide to use it or not.

    BTW, if a "notes" ability is at least somewhere in KDE, it may
    push the idea for this, and that cannot be bad, as it looks like
    only the klink team is preparing support for something like
    this. I have no problem with klink in general, but it is far away
    and by now it is not sure, if the project succeeds. It would be
    a pitty, if the only thing in klink is the notes thing, and users
    need to install and run a Postgresql database only for the
    notes feature.

    However, I don't want to persuade you to do anything that you
    don't like to do.

    Thank you for Metabar.