Current & Planned Features

  • vonbach1

    What're the current features that your client (and library) sports? For example, the Live Messenger client and various alternative, open source clients have:

    *Personal Message
    *Audio Clip support
    *Video and Audio chat
    *Animated Icons

    The client seems to be an excellent alternative for Windows users (most of the other alternative clients are primarily coded for nix platforms). Keep up the good work!

    • Alex R
      Alex R

      Thanks for the support. The client, as of version 0.2.0, supports personal messages and (partially) supports nudges. Fully support for nudges, display pictures will probably come in v0.2.1/v0.2.2. The others, such as audio clips and audio/video chat may come by v0.4.0/0.5.0. These are only estimates of course, but I'm just trying to let you know where this project is going. Currently I believe only WLM has voice chat (correct me if I'm wrong) - the protocol is very difficult to implement, but I will probably give it an attempt at some point.