compute distance between meshes

  • hesaeg

    I need help.
    At this time I'm always trying to compute distance between 2 meshes.
    I have 2 clouds from the (more or less) same object and I want to see the
    differences between them.
    I must do a mistake somewhere, but I don't find it.
    This is what I do with the two cloud points - format : ply or wrlm (i tried
    the two)
    1- I compute normals for points set
    2- I do a poisson reconstruction
    3- I align the two new meshes
    at this step the two have more or less the same number of faces and vertices

    and when I try to use the Hausdorff distance, it does'nt work. I don't see why

    so, does someone can help me?


  • hesaeg

    I read the tutorial, but at this time I don't find my mistake.
    This is what happen.
    cloud 1 : vertices 68045 (104558)
    cloud 2 : vertices 36513 (104558)
    with the poisson reconstruction
    meshes 1 :
    vertices 7632 (120102)
    faces 15260 (31080)
    meshes 2
    vertices 7912 (120102)
    faces 15820 (31080)
    when I try to compute the distance , the number of sample is 0 (zero) and of
    course, I have no result.

    So I read one more time the tutorial and the thing that I don't succeed in
    concern the sentence :
    " do this simply leave checked only the "vertex sampling" option in the
    filter dialog and be sure that the number of samples is greater or equal than
    the vertex number...."
    In the last version, I don't find the filter............. Perhaps my problem
    is here.

    thank you for your help


  • hesaeg

    I didn't succeed on finding my mistake.

    I tried one thing which worked.
    I opened one mesh two times and I changed on one of them some clouds.
    I computed the poisson reconstruction, an alignement and, on this case, the
    distance Haudsorff succeed.
    But it's not what I want to do at the end.

    I really don't know what I'm doing wrong on the compute of distance between
    the two points cloud (i presented them on my last message).

    if someone can help me...............

    thank you

  • hesaeg

    I found the problem. It was on the bounding box wich wasn't enougt well align.
    But two other problems occured.
    1- I didn't find the good tool in meshlab to do this alignment , so I did it
    with an other application, where can I find it in Meshlab?
    2- I tried the same things with two others points clouds, and I have a new problem . when I want to see the differences
    with colors (I use "color by vertex quality"), it's the same color on all the
    object. And I can see the differences between the two objects without
    mesueremnt.. Does someone can help me in ?

    thank you!!