we are currently doing an OS with a new input interface and a new way of graphics output.
We thought about using Clutter¹ with an EGL-backend, so we can skip the X-Server.
It's possible to use Clutter without the X-Server - as long as there is something that provides EGL-Support.

We want to skip the totally skip the X-Server and make the graphics output as simple as possible.

As far as I've seen mesa3d provides the possibility to use EGL.
The only problem is, that we have no idea about how Mesa3d with EGL works and how we can implement mesa3d to a Linux System so that Clutter can use this implementation.
It would be great if someone could tell us few basics about mesa3d and a few details about the EGL implementation.
Are Nvidia video cards fully supported yet?

Kindest regards and thanks in advance

Simon Prückl

¹ www.clutter-project.org a Toolkit for creating User Interfaces