Hello Corbin,
 Thanks for the advices. Of course the mesa GL implementation is a good doc source.
 Now, perhaps havent you fully read/understand the first post.
 The "GL2GX" driver (translating GL instructions to Wii GX ones) is already running on Wii. We can display a textured box with some dynamic lights as shown on the picture.
 I regret that your time period is not more immediate.
 I suppose that in one month, an opensource 3D engine would be ready to go.
 For example, here is a "non-openGL compatible"  engine :
 But thanks anyway, dont hesitate to link the post to your friend.
Kind regards


On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Corbin Simpson <mostawesomedude@gmail.com> wrote:
skaiware skaiware wrote:
> The Wii video card interface is called 'GX'.
> Here are some functions of the main header :
> GX_Init, GX_InitFifoBase, GX_SetCPUFifo, GX_Flush, GX_GetDrawSync,
> GX_SetDrawSync, GX_DrawDone, GX_TexModeSync, GX_ClearVtxDesc,
> GX_LoadProjectionMtx, GX_SetViewport, GX_SetChanAmbColor, GX_Begin,
> GX_BeginDispList, GX_CallDispList, GX_End, GX_Position3f32, GX_Normal3f32,
> GX_Color4u8, GX_TexCoord2f32, GX_AdjustForOverscan, GX_SetCurrentMtx,
> GX_SetZTexture, GX_SetZMode, ....
> I dont know if this the same interface than the old time 'GX' api.
> Anyway, I would like to mention that the purpose is not to have a special
> non standard interface but to finish to implement the official openGL API to
> be able to use all the current 3D engines.
> So yes it is possible to have a complete openGL driver using the Nintendo GX
> library at background.
> Regards

You might want to take a look at the various non-DRI drivers in Mesa. It
would be perfectly possible and fine to use GX calls inside a Mesa
driver, so that applications using Mesa's libGL would have their GL
calls translated into GX calls.

I'd be interested in getting involved with this in a few months.
(Perhaps over summer; one of my good buddies is a Wii enthusiast and has
a homebrew setup...) However, I've got Radeon work on my plate, so I
can't help too much right now.

I suggested the Glide driver because it looks a lot like GX in some
spots; however, reading any of the Mesa drivers might provide some
useful insights into how Mesa works internally.

~ C.