Do you get the glxproto.h ?
        copied to "mesa\include\GL"

Did you installed drm-2.3.0 ?
            currently have installed 2.3.1

Did you installed libpci-0.9.1
            currently installed 0.10.0

Is your /usr/local/include clean? Do you have the pkgconfig directory
in include folder?

    contents of above folder

root@localhost:/usr/local/include# ls
cbea_map.h  directfb-internal  expat_external.h  GL         libspe2-types.h  pciaccess.h  SDL  xf86drm.h
directfb    drm                expat.h           libspe2.h  libspe.h         ps3fb        X11  xf86mm.h

Did you export LD_RUN_PATH=/usr/local/lib ?
        I ran that command

ive also noticed that breaking the build early has the following errors earlier on

cannot find include file "stddef.h"
cannot find include file "stdarg.h"

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