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Mercator, Java Point of Sale / News: Recent posts

Mercator in New York Taxis!

Mercator has been integrated as the POS transaction engine for a credit payment system in NYC taxis. Link to local news broadcast:


Posted by Quentin Olson 2002-09-09

Mercator new version, finally

This took a while, but...

Much better hardware support including Star-Micronics printers (includes starjpos.jar). Hardware error handling is also much better. The application is getting some good real world use, this release benefits from many bug fixes and enhancements derived from that use, thanks to all the contributors. Note: just download the single .tgz all jars and source are included.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2002-05-09

Mercator 0.2-7

The new release was posted yesterday. Many bug fixes and much better hardware support. Note: the current mercator-jars.tgz was coorrupted. A new one will be in place soon. If you are in a hurry, the xerces.jar is the problem file, you can get it from xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-j (version 1.4.3) extract xerces.jar and copy it to lib.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-11-13

Release Status

It's been quite a while since a release has been made, and I promised one last week but didn't make it, sorry. I am very close though, pretty sure it will happen this weekend.

The tie-up has mainly been supporting a pilot site in the Netherlands which is finally (sort of) stable. All the work for that will be part of the next release so it will benefit from some real-world usage and some actual hardware integration. The application now supports a Line Display, Epson printer and attached cash drawer. Plus there were many bugs in the internationalization components. So if you are still waiting, it will be just a little longer.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-11-09

onJava.com Article

Check out the article about Mercator at onJava.com.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-09-23

0.2-3 is out + patch

Mercator 0.2-3 was released last week, basically some more fixes, see the README. It was (inadvertently) released without the sql source so be sure to get the sql.(tgz/zip).

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-09-05

Mercator now in CVS

I managed to get the current release, 0.2-2 into CVS. Get the globalretailtech project, data was a mistake and I am working to get sourceforge admin to remove it, it is a duplicate of globalretailtech (newbie mistake)

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-08-14

0.2-2 Released

This release contains new button layouts, see PositionLayout in com.globalretailtech and PosGuiButton in com.globalretailtech.pos.gui. PositionLayout gives better button layouts on the panels and PosGuiButton allows for upper-left justified text and wrapped text on the gui buttons.

The http://www.globalretailtech.com website has undergone a major re-write. You can see examples of the new button layouts on the POS page and a new page
provides some information and screenshots (BO). ... read more

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-08-10

0.2-1 Released

Bug fix and enhancement release (see README.0.2-1 for details) in preparation for Cash Office/Back Office application. Watch http://www.globalretailtech.com and here for updates.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-07-29

New release, 0.2

This release includes more bug fixes, more user configurations and some new features, please see README-0.2 for details.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-07-05

0.1b Released

New sales types: items by weight and size, price override, generic price entry PLU, alternate tax and some general enhancements (clean up) in the event/dialog system.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-06-19

0.1a Released

This version has better (psuedo) hardware support and I've added .zip release files.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-06-06

Mercator 0.1 Released

The intial release of source and runtime is available for download.

Posted by Quentin Olson 2001-05-27