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Rebuild in C++

Because of the major bugs and the flexibility of C++, I will be rebuilding Mystic Galaxies Aqua in C++ with a development team. For more information go to Thank you.

Posted by meoblast001 2007-07-03

Critical Error

No more releases will be made until a critical bug is fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by meoblast001 2007-04-22

We're Back

We've been working on several other projects recently, but the decision has been made to do some adjustments to the installer and make an updater. The updater is pointless now but it will be of use later. We plan to do more work on this project as well as the others. Also, if there are errors, please email We need to know of errors so we can fix them. Thank you and enjoy your use of Mystic Galaxies Aqua Media.

Posted by meoblast001 2007-03-30

Please wait for our next release

We are sorry we havn't recently updated. We have many new releases that will be available in the next release. Thank You.

Posted by meoblast001 2006-12-29


Just announcing that this project is still in operation. A new update was just released. Build Alpha allows for video playback and playback state display.

Posted by meoblast001 2006-12-06

DirectX Rebuild Article 2

The DirectX Rebuild explained in the last article has been integrated with Mystic Galaxies Media Build You can download it at the project main page.

New features:
More file types supported
Playlist Update (moves from 1 song to the
Internet File acceptance (not yet fully
opperational (ensure you press pause
after listening to an internet file
More to come (like):
Status bar (loop error)
Video Compatibility

Posted by meoblast001 2006-10-18

Project Rebuild

The program is being rebuilt on DirectX to allow more features. So far the rebuild is going great!!

Posted by meoblast001 2006-10-17

Install Error

I believe there may be an error in installation. Because of lack of bug reporting I am not aware of many bugs. If you ever do notice a bug contact <a href="">Error Report</a> with the subject, "Mystic Galaxies Media Error Report." Thank You.

PS. Please give me a few days to fix the error.

Posted by meoblast001 2006-09-30

Playlist Update

An update that allows you to have multiple songs loaded at the same time has been added.

Posted by meoblast001 2006-09-30