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Announcing MenuToGo Milestone 1

MenuToGo Milestone 1 is the first major release of MenuToGo. MenuToGo is a cross-platform secure Autorun replacement, that allows developers to easily offer a menu to end users of their software.

Unlike complex packaging mechanisms such as RPM/DEB files which require special archiving formats, MenuToGo simply requires an extra file to be placed in the programmers repository. Ideally in the future, you wont even need to look in the zip's directory to see what actions you can perform on the contents. In a way, MenuToGo really is the closest thing that users will get to, to a compile-wizard. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-21

Milestone 1 is in the SVN. Just documenting it

Finally fixed the nix issue, so now both Linux and Windows support works. I also changed the window size to be a bit larger cause some OS's didn't like it.

Just writing out a how-to guide, then I will quickly package it and make it easily available for download. So tomorrow fellas, stay tuned...

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-20

Windows support works

Windows support seems to work now completely, and passes all compliance tests, but linux has a few issues with file handling which I will be trying to fix today.

Been off doing stuff the last few days (Go karting and bucks night for starters), so I am hoping to crack down on it today and complete it.

The first beta should be out soon :)

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-20

Milestone 1 Progress

Just an update on the progress of Milestone 1:

I have completed basic support for the basedir standards, and am using it for windows and Linux ( I had to slightly modify the spec to get it to work on windows, but the per-user config settings do work. And the program automatically generates a config file in the correct location now... read more

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-14

Milestone 1 TODO's

I've decided on the final TODO's for the first release.

- Use the Opendesktop standard to set config file locations.
- Complex requirement tests. Each menu item or variable can test for features. Complex tests allow for nested and/or tests, so you can do (gcc installed AND gmake installed) || (xcode is installed) || (Apt is being used)
- Complex Program commands. We can already store environment variables in internal variables, amongst other things. We can also run programs. Complex program commands though allow you to have <preferred compiler> name.c -<current OS>. And the beauty is, since it uses internal variables, it can act as a wrapper for various operating systems, so that you can have 1 menu line, which runs the correct set of commands for any OS.
- Regression tests up to date
- Get rid of bugs
- Possibly make a sample unzipping program, to demonstrate. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-12

Updated info (All regression tests pass)

Just an update that I haven't given up on the project. As can be seen on the SVN tree, I have updated the entire codebase to use XML files now, and most of the code has now been rewritten (which has shaved the codebase down to 500 or 600 lines of code, rather then the initial thousand).

The main reasons for changing my mind and using XML are:
1) XML is more extendible
2) Whilst XML is a bit messier to read then my old method, but, its a lot easier to parse
3) More secure. XML is easier to validate, and requires less complex code.
4) More likely to get standardised. Everyone loves XML, so its more likely people will adopt the standard. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-11

Welcome and Progress

Welcome to the MenuToGo Project. This project is based around the idea put forward in brainstorm idea: (which it would be nice people voted for).

The current state is that the code in the SVN repo works (on multiple OS's). I am now just simply testing it to fix any last bugs, and just adding a few more features before first release.

But anyone wishing to test it needs QT4 and gcc (mingw in windows).... read more

Posted by Andrew Luecke 2008-05-06