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JMensMobile 1.1 now available

Version 1.1 of JMensMobile has been released. JMensMobile is a simple, easy to use menstruation calendar for mobile devices (for example, PDAs and cell phones) that can run Java programs.

This release fixes all known bugs. You can download JMensMobile 1.1 from
A list of supported devices has been started at read more

Posted by Andrea 2006-04-02

Mens now has a web page

Mens now has a web page with a short description, a screenshot, download instructions and contact information.

The Mens web page is available at

Posted by Andrea 2005-11-01

Development started (again) and first release

Over two years ago, I registered the mens project with the goal of writing a free, simple menstrual calendar for Palm OS. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time and patience to learn enough C to reach that goal. Now I've implemented a very simple version in Java (Java Micro Edition), which you can download from the project page ( As I haven't had the chance to test the program on a real device so far, your help is very much appreciated.

Posted by Andrea 2005-03-26