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New member for mEL!!

Kavandi has joined the project after he showed me an example of what is possible when you hook up mEL to a MySQL database! Check out http://perth18.alias.net.au/log.html
That's just one possibility of many. Kavandi will continue work on a MySQL version of mEL and who knows... maybe one day every website visitor can customize the stats he/she wants to see...

Posted by Gilbert van Griensven 2001-05-10

mEL Control Panel

I've started to work on a subproject for mEL. It's a control panel based on mAC. The advantage here is that with mCP there won't be the need to run mIRC in order to retrieve updates. mCP listens on a designated port for incoming requests from eggdrops running the mCP client. When a successful request is made mCP will automatically download the logfile, if necessary, and spawn mIRCStats in order to create the stats files, and then automatically upload the html files, again, if necessary.
mCP will be written for the win32 platform only. Since I can't do much testing on Xwindows I won't be writing a linux version for it. However, if you feel the sudden urge to use the source for mCP (which will be available on request) and port it to linux, then I welcome you to do so.

Posted by Gilbert van Griensven 2001-05-10

Eggdrops undocumented feature

More troubles with "bind TIME"... the arguments passed to the procedure are in the format "mm hh dd MM yyyy" except for that MM seems to be off by one month... well, it's not... it's the undocumented feature...
eggdrop regards january as month 00... very nice to know indeed...

Posted by Gilbert van Griensven 2001-04-06

Moved over to SourceForge

mEL is now opensource and anyone who wants to help working on the script is welcome to do so. If you want in the project simply send me a mail.

Posted by Gilbert van Griensven 2001-04-02