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#547 Please: Auto Rename For Output Files

Thank You (1)

First, thank you very much for the continued development of MeGUI, I really appreciate it. As for my feature request, I would very much like it if MeGUI was able to auto rename output files in the event of a conflict. It's currently possible to begin a job where the input and output files have the same name, and the output folder is the same as the input folder, even though the job is destined to fail due to the naming scheme. For example, loading and starting a two-pass video encode with input file ExampleClip.mkv, the output folder the same as the input folder, Mkv for the container, and not renaming the output file is possible, however, the job will fail after the first pass with ExampleClip.mkv becoming an "empty" file when it attempts to create a new Mkv of the same name in the same folder. I realize that forgetting to rename the output file or not choosing a different output folder is my own fault, but I'd be very pleased if MeGUI would save me from myself (and save me hours of lost time, too :-). Thanks for your consideration.


  • PredatorV

    I would also advocated for this feature