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Typhoon RDBMS packages released

I've finally Debianised the Typhoon RDBMS, necessary to
compile Megistos 0.98 and 0.99. I've also converted the .deb packages to .rpm and made those available. Tar archives, too.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-05-04

Megistos 0.99.3 Released

Yet another interim release. This one incorporates a few
long overdue fixes and many patches that weren't checked in to the CVS repository for version 0.99.2. The most obvious change is that the makefile rules now create properly named distribution files including the patch level.
English language support is progressing nicely (check the file src/0TRANSLATED for more information). Many other bug fixes have been added.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-05-02

Megistos Home Page up

The first version of the Megistos home page is now up
at the usual place (, where else).

There are a few screenshots, some information and the (doc++ generated) Megistos API documentation. There's
a bit more to add, but not much. The SF page has most of the information anyone would ever need.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-04-21

Megistos 0.99.2 released

'Release often, release early', eh? Well, here's Megistos 0.99.2. Should have been released months ago, but I was too busy. It's not perfect, but it
works. For more English support, look to the CVS repository. Now that the emailclubs.msg file is done (a bottleneck if ever there was one), I'm moving on at a nice pace.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-04-18

CVS repository up at last!

Finally found some time to play with CVS. I was spectacularly unsuccessful in importing the existing RCS tree (something to play with when SF gives shell access to the CVS repositories), so versioning has been reset. Other than that, things work very nicely.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-04-17

Feature Freeze

Megistos is now under a feature freeze, pending its 1.0 release. Need to concentrate on bug resolution and completing English support.

We can then branch out, releasing stable 1.0.x versions while developing the XML, Unicode, SQL-driven Megistos 1.1.x.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2001-04-17

CVS delays

There are delays in importing the project's CVS tree into SF. Apologies, this is due to the general state of SF lately. I understand this will be rectified by early next week, and I'll finally import the CVS tree myself.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2000-12-14

Version 0.99.1 Released

I've just released version 0.99.1. This is really an interim version -- development has gone past 0.99.1, but not quite into 0.99.2 yet. The msgs have quite a few more English prompts now, but we're still translating.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2000-12-06

All Greek to you?

Well, it is. Literally. Megistos was implemented for a couple of large BBSs in Greece, so the primary aim was smooth Greek support. The system is multilingual, and many parts have full English support, but we're still in the process of adding English prompts for everything.

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2000-11-29

Come in, we're open!

At *long* last, I've found the time to open
a Sourceforge project for Megistos. The available
files are a bit dated (almost one year and one minor version behind), but I'll change that soon. :-)

Posted by Alexios Chouchoulas 2000-11-28