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Problem With Demo

The demo has been unavailable for the past few days due to a problem with the server configuration.

After the installation of a new wiki on the site (the megaupload installation document is now wikified) the demo for megaupload suddenly stopped working, unfortunately this issue went unnoticed for a few days before the error was tracked down and finaly fixed.

if you have been unable to access the demo during the past few days please be so kind as to revisit the website.... read more

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-10-15

Megaupload-J release glitches.

Version 0.30 of the jsp edition was released yesterday. Unfortunately due to a mix up this release included an older version of the MultipartStream class. As a result a new release had to be made.

If you downloaded release 1 (megaupload-J-0.30.tar.gz) you will need to download release 2 (megaupload-J-0.30-2.tar.gz) as well. The error is regreted.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-09-14

Problems With demo.

Unfortunately for many users the demo may not have been accessible for around a week.

The site is now load balanced across two web servers unfortunately one of these servers had a slight misconfiguration which resulted in the perl script not been executed.

The error has now been rectified.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-08-20

Happy Birthday Megaupload

Mega Upload is now entering it's second year.
The project was first released as open source in August 11, 2003. Since then megaupload has been downloaded over 38,000 times and branched out into three separate editions.

Thanks to all those contributed to the code and those who contributed with valuable comments. Thanks also go out to all those who spent the time to answer the questions in the message boards.... read more

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-08-12

Demo gets ahead

The demo is more upto date than the download tarball
for the first time since the initially release of megaupload nearly an year ago.

A few minutes ago, the online demo available at was updated to version 1.43, yet version 1.43 is about an hour away from release (at the time of writing)

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-06-23

Free Lancers Benefit from Mega Upload


As the author of megaupload I recieve one or two requests each week asking for support on megaupload, occaisionaly I am asked if I can install customize for a fee. If you are a free lancer familiar with megaupload contact me (e4c5 at raditha dot com) and i will redirect these queries to you.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-05-08

No more POST

One of the recurring themes in the message board has been "I don't have POST, now what do I do?"

The good news is that with version 1.40 onwards the POST binary is no longer needed. That certainly makes mega upload a lot easier to use on windows systems. Other than that it should also lead to a slight improvement in scalability.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-04-27

The return of the cookie

Cookies were banished with the first stable release of Megaupload (version 1.00). Primarily because lot's of people had trouble working with it.

This change however placed developers who wanted to use cookies at a disadvantage.

Thus version 1.35 reintroduces cookies as an optional add in. Instead of just serving as a unique identifier (as iwth the earliest versions), cookies can now be put to better use.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-03-02

Perl Edition 1.10 and JSP edition 0.12 Released

After a long period of inactivity the project is back to life. Version 1.30 of the PHP edition was released last week and it has been followed up with new releases for both the JSP and Perl editions.

Perl edition 1.10 is actually a preview for the php edition 1.50. The original goal of megaupload was to provide a progress monitor for PHP file uploads perl edition was a by product. However the code from 1.10 of the perl edition can be used to give a performance boost for the php edition in some cases.... read more

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-01-28

FTP Support

With version 1.30 megaupload can act as a front for FTP and display an upload progress indicator for FTP upload as well.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-01-24

Live and Kicking

Though there hasn't been any activity for three months the project is live and kicking. Sure it has slid of the activity peaks of 99% + that it used to have but it continues to recieve a decent amount of downloads each day.

Let's get things kick started i am going to add FTP support the next couple of days, in the meantime if you have done any modifications/improvements to megaupload appreciate greatly if you could share it with the other users.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-01-22

Filtering Support

Some of you wanted to prevent users uploading certain file types. This feature has been added to the PHP edition version 1.20. Will be added to the JSP and perl editions in the next release.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-10-23

Demo catches up with releases

While the megaupload php edition jumped from version 0.90 to 1.11 the demo remained stuck on 0.90 until today.

The site has been updated along with the online demonstration which now more closely reflects the status of development.

Megaupload is a progress bar component for file upload with PHP,Java and Perl

The demo is available at

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-10-21

Perl Edition 0.98 released

The release of the perl edition of Mega Upload verion 0.98 adds an improved progress bar.

Those who downloaded the PHP edition 1.11 would have seen that the progress monitor now shows elapsed time and time remaining in addition to the percentage transfered.

Version 0.98 adds the same functionality to the perl edition.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-10-18

megaupload 1.10 released

Version 1.10 of megaupload PHP edition gives a much improved progess indicator capable of displaying time elapsed, time remaining and upload speed.

Previous version displayed only the percentage uploaded. You can upgrade keeping your current configuration in tact.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-10-11

Megaupload Perl Edition Released

Megaupload now provides a progress indicator for the most venerable of web programming langauges perl.

In fact the PHP edition which started this project makes use of perl to build the progress bar for PHP. This code has now been extracted to create the perl edition.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-10-08

Megaupload :: JSP Edition 0.10 released

Having achieved the original goal of creating a progress monitor for PHP file upload, the project has now expanded to cover JSP and servlet based upload handlers as well.

Most developers on the java platform can probably make use of this release.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-09-18

Solution to a long standing PHP file upload problem.

For many years a recurring theme in PHP discussion lists has been 'How do i display a progress meter for file upload?' this question has finaly been answered with the release of Mega Upload 0.90

The mega upload progress bar can be installed by the simple act of copying a perl script into the cgi folder. Due to it's simplicity a PHP developer who makes use of the script does not require any knowledge of perl. ... read more

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2003-08-15