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[779aed] (HEADmaster) by root root

update of diggers' additions:
better tolerance of showScheduler input errors
better usability of personnel admin
ptracker robot page update

2011-09-21 06:28:08 Tree
[28d93a] by root root

got frontend working properly, and the code is more reasonable looking

THERE IS A CHEESY HACK: we shave line feeds from php's echo fxn
so that our xhttp response strings are proper. proper reasons why
pending further investigation.

2011-08-04 11:51:57 Tree
[7f516a] by root root

DESC: Added documentation for hardlinkables directory

2010-08-23 12:59:19 Tree
[cd0bba] by root root

UPGRADE: passwd and shadow creation for private VPN jail

2010-08-23 12:53:46 Tree
[7aa359] by David Schainker David Schainker

updated license txt

2010-03-15 13:51:51 Tree
[3c5d95] by David Schainker David Schainker

GPL compliance check!

2010-03-15 13:19:54 Tree
[f4a4f8] by root root

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tantricengineer@megatrond.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/megatrond/unicron

2010-02-23 16:59:05 Tree
[9c7f40] by root root

fixing aux, linking files properly. symlinks, bad!

2010-02-23 16:49:37 Tree
[76ef49] by root root

committing small changes, copied unified header from aux into archive's
misc.php function. rolling back aux now

2010-02-23 16:00:45 Tree
[385795] by KWUR Tech KWUR Tech

now we can hide albums after we click on them a second time in a row

however, we currently send the request and then hide the new repeated data. lets not send the request next time and just hide it, ok?

2010-02-11 12:00:57 Tree
[88d6f2] by root root

a basic placeholder page for the main index portal page

2010-02-11 09:23:10 Tree
[54f74e] by root root

hacky album "shading" effect happens when you have clicked on one album
and then click on another. the previous album info dissapears and the
new one appears.

all ajax requests are now synchronous to accomodate random remote
connections from places like china.

aux.php: made some markup modifications. we have went from 900+ markup
errors to 700, w00t.

import.php: fixed row widths so that we have more horizontal space for
editing albums and the UI doesn't change shape

*.js: fixed bug in checking for html responses status

2010-02-11 09:20:33 Tree
[0e9929] by root root

albumAdmin.php: changed album field ids to reflect individual albums
for javascript calls. also messed with formatting

albumAux: changed output field tags and formatting updates

javascript files: added id parameter to handlers

import.php: altered formatting to accomodate new UI changes.
Albums now appear below where you click!

2010-02-09 19:48:27 Tree
[580b54] by root root

changed ajax request to synchronous. this is slightly dangerous
because it locks the browser interface. again, temporary.

added include line to import so it has newly moved archive_Aux
functions inside

2010-02-08 14:24:43 Tree
[224c98] by root root

cleanup on aux and albumAux - functions that have their respective
functions in kwur systems are now in the right files. also updated
aux.php header to reflect styles needed for album table output

2010-02-08 13:28:09 Tree
[36237a] by root root

readded a change in UI output code, for temporary usability purposes

2010-02-08 13:22:18 Tree
[9f6a06] by root root

fixed bug that only displayed first album in pending page list.

ajax calls should work, but i am still investigating

2010-02-08 13:10:12 Tree
[30cdeb] by root root

removed debug statement

2010-02-07 19:05:57 Tree
[e1982f] by root root

Legit v 0.5 of archive admin interface.
TODO: add review text and crosslinks

What works:
- editing all vital allum attributes:
- group name
- album name
- album label
- album genre
- track disclaims! (w00t)
- all incoming labels are checked against the DB for existence.
if the label exists, the appropriate association will be made
otherwise a new row is created for the new label
- you can tickmark any track and ajax immediately handles it
- currently you see the box check/uncheck, and indeed the DB changes.
this should be intuitive enough for most users. however, rightnow
if something breaks, you'll never know!
TODO: implement successful user input feedback - maybe flash row
green/red to indicate success/failure?

2010-02-07 18:58:18 Tree
[993e04] by root root

added new methods for handling new/already known labels
albumAdmin interface now has AJAX'd select list
next up: reviews and disclaims!

2010-02-07 07:28:16 Tree
[35af5c] by root root

took out obnoxious warning message on post.
form isn't fully operational yet ;)
P.S. last commit and this one are still considered "in-progress"

my laptop might explode any day now...

2010-02-03 22:31:53 Tree
[ddbac7] by root root

restructure album display as well as object internals
also adjusting files to reflect lockable pages authentication scheme.

albumAdmin.php/album.php will be new lockable pages.

albumEditing.js is new javascript handling for the AJAX'd album

2010-02-03 18:53:57 Tree
[f05395] by root root

added some skeleton fxns

2010-01-22 12:28:56 Tree
[457995] by root root

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tantricengineer@megatrond.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/megatrond/unicron

2010-01-22 10:56:13 Tree
[88e927] by root root

finished version 1.0 of album.php and track.php- they now use proper classes
and members. currently displays read-only album info. TODO:proper ajax forms ;)

aux.php had a couple minor modifications in the checkboxen and
binaryradioarray2 functions. the modification in checkboxen required
a minor change in personnel.php

2010-01-22 09:28:25 Tree
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