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MegaMekNET / News: Recent posts

Development has ceased

But the server lives on and runs on a different software (see Mekwars Project here at SF).
To reach the server check www.megamek.net

Thanks for all the fun and support!

Posted by Helge Richter 2006-01-30

Visit www.megamek.net for more details about this project

On www.megamek.net there's more information about this project!

Posted by Helge Richter 2002-08-15

Files added

The latest Client and MasterServer files have been added.

Posted by Helge Richter 2002-07-09

MegaMek.NET on Sourceforge

As you can see we finally moved to Sourceforge! Expect the same quality as you're used to :)

Posted by Helge Richter 2002-07-09