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MegaMek v0.28.0 released

The latest version of MegaMek (0.28.0) has been released. MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech board game, written in Java. It features network play and runs on Linux/MacOSX/Windows. The level 1 tech and rules from the game are currently functional, and we are busy completing the level 2 rules and technology. Those playing the campaign at http://www.megamek.com/ have gotten many of these updates incrementally, but for the rest of you there are some neat new features.

Release 0.28.0 adds:
- auto-save game
- foot, motorized and jump infantry squads
- new equipment; including C3, targetting computers, heavy gauss rifles and other favorites
- fire and smoke
- many new unit graphics

For a complete list of changes since 0.27.0, see the history.txt file, included with the release.

The files are available at:

The MegaMek homepage is:

Posted by Ben Mazur 2003-01-12