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#1146 Easy way to change firing modes/ammo types for more than one weapon

stable 0.40

There really needs to be an easy way to change firing modes/ammo types for more than one weapon. Changing it for one weapon for one unit isn't a big problem...but it is when you are changing, say, LRM ammo types for a few LRM carriers, or trying to change firing modes for more than one weapon (e.g. multiple LRMs to indirect/direct fire).

Isn't there some way this can be simplified? Because that is a lot of clicking. For example, highlighting all the weapons in the weapon panel and then clicking one button to change firing modes for all of them, or clicking one button to cycle all of them to the next ammo type in the list?


  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers

    Is clicking a "mode" button really that hard? I play regimental sized battles and I don't find this to be an issue.

  • Well, it's a huge hassle when you have multiple LRM launchers for example and your mouse has to select the LRM launcher, move to the bottom of the screen, click mode, move back to the weapon panel, select the next LRM launcher, repeat.

    Similarly for RACs where you want to toggle from single shot to 3 or 5 round burst depending on to hit odds.

    • Dylan Myers
      Dylan Myers

      No wonder you find it annoying... that is a bad way to do it. Click Fire/Skip as you go through weapons and when you're on a weapon you want to use in another mode you click mode and then fire. Why waste time setting them all and then firing them all?

  • Okay, but that wont let you change the ammo types for all weapons easily.

  • Crazy S
    Crazy S

    I agree with Mr. Anonymous that this would be a nice feature--both, the setting of modes for multiple weapons, and the changing of ammo types for multiple weapons.

    I've been experimenting with 8 'Mechs that all have multiple LRMs, and usually 2 ammo types for the LRMs, although I can easily see experimenting with more than two ammo types on occasion. My 'Mechs have a total of 37 LRM weapons between them, and setting each weapon's mode is tedious.

    I have 4 other Mechs that serve as spotters. So, when they successfully spot, I use my LRMs in indirect fire mode when possible. But, if an enemy acquires LOS and I am unable to break LOS during the movement phase, then I have to switch all of the LRMs to direct fire mode if I want to hit that enemy with my LRMs.

    Sometimes I switch between using semi-guided or narc-capable LRMs and swarm LRMs. Sometimes I have some regular LRMs in addition if I'm saving money. Switchng the ammo for 37 LRMs is also tedious.

    Maybe to some players, this is no big deal. But, I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, so anything that I can do to minimize keystrokes and mouse clicks is most welcome.

    Mr. Anonymous didn't give any suggestions for how to implement this, but I have two ideas that might work, if anyone is willing to take up this RFE.

    Idea 1:

    1. Select one weapon of which you have multiple. For example, let's say you have a 'Mech with 4 LRM 15s.
    2. Set the mode as you currently do.
    3. Select the ammo for the weapon as you currently do.
    4. Press a shortcut key that causes MegaMek to mirror the mode and ammo selections of the selected weapon to all other weapons of the same type. In my example, if you selected one LRM 15, changed the mode to indirect fire, and selected Narc-capable LRMs for the ammo, then when you press the shortcut key, all 4 LRM 15s would get changed to these selections.

    Idea 2:

    1. Select one weapon of which you have multiple. For example, let's say you have a 'Mech with 4 LRM 15s.
    2. Press a new shortcut key that changes the mode for the selected weapon and all other weapons of the same type. So, if the selected LRM 15 is currently using direct fire mode and you press this new shortcut key, then all LRM 15s on the 'Mech get changed to indirect fire mode.
    3. Press a new shortcut key that cycles through the ammo bins for the selected weapon. This will change the selected ammo for the selected weapon and all other weapons of the same type. So, if you cycled from Swarm LRMs to regular LRMs in a particular ammo bin, then all 4 LRM 15s would now be using that same regular LRM ammo bin.

    With either idea, ideally the shortcut key will be close to the main shortcut keys that are defined in the experimental build (that is, near the WASD keys), such as "1" for mode and '2" for ammo (for idea 2), or just "1" (for idea 1) for mirroring the selections. At the least make these new shortcut keys user-definable.

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