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#1125 defaultQuirks by chassis

stable 0.36

Would it be possible to modify how megamek reads the defaultQuirks.xml file so that quirks can be set to an entire chassis without needing to assign it to each chassis and model individually?

For example right now to assign all Jenners the no torso twist quirk it requires the following entry for each Jenner model:

<model>JR7-K Grace II</model>

However, it would be a lot easier if all that was required was a single entry:


Obviously you would still want the option to differentiate by model for some quirks (for instance the Spider has no ejection for almost all models but due to 1-2 later models being designed with ejection seats you'd want to keep that on a model by model basis.) However, the majority of quirks are chassis specific and not as dependent on model.

Obviously the default list is already compiled but being able to do a single entry by chassis would be very helpful for future updates or personal updates.

And to extend it further (but less necessary) would be a means to do a Chassis wide quirk and have exceptions for models so that for example, using the Spider again, there would be the no eject Chassis entry and then a model entry excluding no eject from the couple later models that have ejection seats.


  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers

    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Nicholas Walczak
    • Group: --> post-stable 0.36